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About Us

AMPLUS Global Associates Inc., under articles of association by the State of Ohio, is a registered business entity.

AMPLUS Global Associates Inc. was formed as an independent registrar by Tony Franceschini as an outlet to meet the demand for many small and medium businesses that did not have the ability to express themselves as committed registered companies in a cost-effective and simplified manner.

Previous to AMPLUS Global Associates, Inc., Tony and Glenn Shenton worked together for 16 years at CCAS Americas, which was born based on the UK British Standard model for small businesses. In 2014, Glenn retired and Tony took over the business under the new name of AMPLUS Global Associates, Inc.

AMPLUS Global Associates, Inc. embraces the core values of respect, courtesy, responsibility, honesty, integrity, confidence, and perseverance. 

Our process in based on best practice relating to both knowledge and experience of our principle, and contracted lead auditors work in accreditation requirements in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the Americas.

To maintain our ethical values, integrity, and transparency, we wish to make it clear that we are not accredited by UKAS, ANAB, or any other governing body (see Accreditation section). We are a small company that believes in the value of ISO standards when adopted by other small and medium companies with the intent of meeting UKAS/ANAB requirements in a less costly way. We are open to and welcome comments from users and interested parties to better meet our goals.

AMPLUS Global Associates, Inc.

Tony Franceschini, President

(440) 223-6708

Forty years of experience includes all areas of automotive supply chain manufacturing, Heat Treating and Finishing as Superintendent/Quality Director. ASQ Certified Quality Auditor, RAB/QSA, Exemplar Lead Auditor, ISO 14001, L-A-B (ISO/IEC 17025) Certified Assessor, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 45001, Plexus Certified Supplier Auditor, Plexus ISO/TS 16949 Trainer, Plexus Core Tools Trainer.

Mailing Address:

7940 Deerbrook Drive

Novelty, OH 44072

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