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QECAS Veritas
Quality Environmental Certification Accreditation Services

AMPLUS Global Associates, Inc. is an Independent Registrar of Quality Management Systems and derivatives.
It is accredited by the State of Ohio with incorporation into its articles of Association and signed by the Ohio Secretary of State.  

"The company shall have the following powers: To engage in the business of quality assurance accreditation, and related activities, and to carry on any trade or business incident thereto or connected therewith, including without limitation, ISO 9000 certification."

All of our auditors are IRCA (or national equivalent) accredited auditors in good standing.  Audit Logs are submitted for review and assessment by QECAS VERITAS and all required reports and documents to maintain their registration.  QECAS has identified Experienced Auditors and monitors audit records at least four times per year.  Additionally, QECAS witnesses each auditor at least once per year.  

QECAS Veritas operates the accreditation unit for AMPLUS Global Associates, Inc. which monitors the performance of its Auditors and support staff including all IRCA requirements and Auditor accreditation by the IRCA, RAB/QSA or equivalent body.

The QECAS system is based on Glenn Shenton's experience in working with several United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited schemes.  The mission was to provide a cost effective certification service for small, medium and large enterprises which were seeking ISO certification.

Glenn G. Shenton, President - QECAS Veritas
(513) 302-7355
Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institute of Quality Assurance, Graduate of the Institute of Design and Founder member of the IRCA with 40 years of International Auditing experience.  Glenn founded QECAS Veritas (accreditation body) which monitors Auditor performance and improvement.
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